Sunday, January 9, 2011

A positive day.

So today, a day unlike any other recent day, what can I tell ya!

Had a relatively early night last night and slept well after some initial tossing and turning, churning stuff over in my mind. I have to say on heavy thought days, the meds are having a little less effect now.
So usual morning routine, wake and be up for the carer to let her in. I thought when I got up I would stay up, but once she had left and I had done mums meds I decided to nap, waking again at 11am. Wow!! A guilt free lay in, that felt good.

Finally getting up, a light breakfast and got mum arse in gear for the day. Waiting for the carer was a bit of a chore this afternoon, with her arriving over an hour late due to no buses. Not a big deal but kinda threw my plans for the afternoon a bit. However, we cope, right!

Carer left by about 2pm so it was time to spin the dogs around the block. While walking and realising it was a rather nice day, I had an idea. So I text mum to see if she fancied a trip to the park in her wheelchair. She has been commenting recently how she is bored of being indoors, and St Christophers supplied a wheelchair on request, so would be rude not to use it eh. Unsurprisingly the answer was a resounding YES! So back to the house, put the dogs in, and off to Crystal Palace Park.

The park has some great memories for us both, so with Chantal we made it a fun afternoon out. After we had got into the park some way mum asked if she could walk a bit. So taking the wheelchair for balance off she went... Like a shot! She was flying along, no stopping her at all. I have not seen her that active for possibly years. So that was heart warming to see. She did 2 walks in total, inc some slopes etc. Well done mummy.

The walk ended after about an hour and a half with a sprint pushing mum about 100 metres up one hell of a hill. I got some shocking looks, but she was giggling like a kid, and hey, I need the exercise. As we walked back to the car she said how much she had enjoyed the day. Needless to say I'm gonna see if I can get her out somewhere different each afternoon.

A few other things have happened over the past 48 hours which are all coming together to bring a certain positive feel to everything for me right now. Not out of the woods yet, not by a long way, and will be seeing my doctor again early next week to discuss where we are right now. But at the same time, change feels good.

Next week, I have decided to get a little fitter again, so off the junk, onto the good stuff for me. Saves precious money too lol.

For the first time in ages I have a few good things to look forwards to over the next 6-8 weeks, so thank you to all who have stood by me through this so far.

I shall end with saying a massive thank you to everyone who has hit and shared the website blog I have done for Sian. Once more in case anyone missed it.

Thank you all for reading, and sleep well ( I sure will )

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