Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lucky or unlucky?

See I can't decide. Some say with everything going on around me, that I am unlucky as hell, and it has to change sometime. But AM I unlucky, or am I very lucky indeed?
The arguement for unlucky is a simple one really, grew up without a dad, on the poverty line, not had great luck, split from my daughters mum early on, poor health, and issues with family and friends illnesses etc. But is that unlucky? Or just all part of life.

Look at the other side. Famous quote for a beginning, there is always someone worse off than you. The line most unsympathetic people usually open with when you try and pour your heart out.
OK so break it down... No father.. But then nor was I abused by him, or lived with a drunk for a dad. Mum did well bringing me up all things considered.
No money, but then unlike some spoilt little shites I know, I know the value of money and am grateful for things when I am gifted with them.
Losing contact with Sian is a hard one to see any good in, other than she is fit and healthy. A beautiful and intelligent young girl, and hopefully we will be back in touch soon, so its not all doom and gloom.

Health, well asthma had me rolling around like a wheezing little porker for the early years of my life, and I managed to break a fair few bones too, but I was having fun growing up, being a boy, something few kids get to experience these days. Later in life I manage to attract illness and issues, but most of the serious stuff has been corrected successfully with surgery, so no drama.
Unlike other friends who have suffered from a young age. Michael Carter, major organ issues in his early teens, Lee Brown didn't make it to 17 to drive his pride and joy car, but suffered miserable health issues his whole life, Paul Morris killed young in a road accident, Adam King same again, struck by a car, John Littlebury, John Weston and Kevin Flanders all lost their lives on motorbikes. Tas has just lost his battle with a brain tumour, Aunt Mary lost her life to cancer, Aunt Joan and my mum both holding on but diagnosed terminal with cancer.... But I'm still here!!

So while I have little trips and stumbles along the way, I can't say I am "unlucky" at all really. Those who have not been allowed to live to their full potential were the unlucky ones. Those who live miserable lives, unwilling to push the boundary to find happiness, and those who just live a day to day mediocre life, with no ambition, no drive, and no passion for the life they are given.... THEY are unlucky and unfortunate.

I hope this all makes some sense.
Having had 24 hours of fresh air in Derby, taken some time out, spent time with friends, and enjoyed some sunshine, I again remember how fantastic life can really be. Regardless of all the pressures and worries in life, its a blessing to wake for another day. And truly a sin not to take that day and live it to its full potential. Make a difference, raise a smile, acknowledge your appreciation of the day you have.

Lucky or unlucky, you decide.
The way I feel now, I was lucky to have known and shared moments to cherish with the people I have listed, and they live on with me each day in my memories. Thank you for being a part of my life. May you all RIP.

There is one other aspect of course. The more people you know. The more you grow closer to, then the more likely you are to lose someone dear to you. Again, through things like Cruise-South I made many an acquaintance, some who went on to be very good mates and even a few true friends from it all. Popular I have not been, but "known" I have, and from that I have revolved in many circles where I have met volumes of people. Inevitable that you will lose a few along the way I guess. But again, I'm lucky to have been a big part of the website, and having met so many people and shared so many memories.
I grew up in poverty, but am massively wealthy with a mind full of experiences and memories from these times, which could never have been bought. Money doesn't buy happiness or friendship, but I have both, in abundance.

Thanks for reading once again. A day of deep thought I think.

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