Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello from the hospice.

Helloooooo blog, I am reporting to you live from the hospice gardens this afternoon, in the bright, baking sunshine. As I sit here soaking up the rays (responsibly) I am also wallowing in the way the day has turned out.
Starting out well, finances soon made cracks appear in the progress of the day, but good friends and good luck soon smoothed those over and got me back on track.
Good timing to the station on both legs of the journey got me to and from work in good time, and allowed me maximum time at home, and some free time to get other matters sorted out, as well as updating my blog of course (you are all my top priority lol)
I think even if the day had turned out badly, the feeling of being out in the sun, re charging my batteries a little, is enough to tip the balance in favour of a good day.

What makes the day for me, the cherry on the top if you may, is the outcome of an impromptu meeting I have just had with Sarah, one of the art therapy teachers, and mum in her room. On my arrival they were already talking a little, but once I realised what the conversation was about, I made sure it kept going.
Having spoken to mum earlier in the week, Sarah was just dropping past her room to see if mum had decided if she wanted to give art a go. The consultant, Victor had been to see Sarah personally to see if they could take mum on, as he felt she would benefit from the activity. The suggestion was clay, to get her using her hands more, and building some strength in them too.
To everyones surprise, over the past few days mum has been super enthusiastic about the idea, so grabbed Sarah and took her up on her offer. Sadly Sarah will be leaving St Christophers today, but she assured mum she would be taken care of.
So that is great news, mum has a creative, therapeutic distraction now, to keep her mind ticking over, and who knows, maybe have something to leave the kids behind too.

One sad thing mum did touch on the other day was Sian. And that if I do manage to make contact at the end of the month, she thinks it might be unfair for her to see mum like this. My opinion on this differs somewhat, and feel that's more Sian's decision to make, once she has the information and facts. Let's see how that plays out. After all, one of the main reasons I want to rush contact with Sian is for her to meet mum. But would be mindful of her feelings and how it may affect her. If it was the wrong idea, it would not happen.

So, as the sun lowers in the sky after this fantastic summers day, and the wind gently cools the rooms and gardens, I can look back on today and see much more positivity from the day, especially when compared to a few other more recent one.

The weekend is a time to catch up on the bits around the house I need to, light the BBQ up for the first time this year, and maybe relax a little. Feet up, defences down, and just be normal for a day or two. That should be fun.

Have a good weekend.

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