Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glandular fever

Well its sure been a while since I blogged, and if the truth be known, while a lot has happened, I just haven't had the mental energy to put fingers to keys and tell you all about it.

About a month ago I started feeling rough, stomach pains, tired, fatigued, loss of appetite etc, and spent a few weeks going to and from the doctors getting tests etc. While the abdomen pain remains a mystery for now (until my scan on the 17th) the blood tests finally showed up glandular fever.

It just sounds like something you get as a kid, get hot, ache and bit and its over. And in that respect it is, but in an adult it lingers, causing all sorts of symptoms. A month in I can tell you it sucks to have it, and it just drags on and on. Prognosis is full recovery of course, but in an undetermined time frame. Weeks to months, hopefully in my case, not much longer!

Meanwhile what else can I tell you... Spoken to Sian, returned to work, collected mums ashes, catching up on bills etc, and now already craving a break from it all. Work is going fine, lovely to have a routine to conform to.

Right now, sitting on a sunny station platform, sweating to death, throbbing headache and no energy. *sigh

Right I'm done, can't think anymore, so thanks for reading and I will do more later.

Hope everyone is well
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