Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughts of the day....

OK, first up, Sian. Its been a long time since I wrote about her, and it feels weird to just drop her like that. Its not like the first phone call was all I wanted.
However, from the time of her call to me I have tried to keep it quiet and respect her privacy. So I just wanted to take a moment to say, I have not forgotten about her, and dont stop thinking about her.

So on to other things now, and starting with my favourite subject, ME !
The past week of so I have tried to start a new regime, to get organised, and get my life in order. I have been drifting along now for a few months since mum passed away, and been a little ignorant to dealing with some of the bills and other responsibilities that I now have. Needless to say thats left me in a bit of a mess now. So from this week I am making an effort to snap out of it. Starting with exercise. I know its a weird place to start, but from experience, moving the body moves the mind.

So every day this week I have got back out and about with the dogs, giving them a walk. Just having a reason to get up at the time I do, and getting out in the fresh morning air to walk the dogs starts the day off right. And as the days have passed, I have felt more and more motivated to get on with other things in life. Sadly however, getting my rent sorted seems to be the one thing I cant get my head around right now. I know its in arrears, and I know I have to deal with it ASAP, but cant being myself to check my bank account and get on with it. I shall have to draught in help with that.

Other things like getting my life back, socialising, being helpful again and other such wonders are slowly creeping back in too. And as I start to communicate with the outside world again, I can start to dispose of things left in the house that are no longer needed. Things that hopefully can have a second life and go on to help others. Mums walking aids and other such things are the starting point there. With lesser things heading for bootsale like my old VHS video recorder, and a wonderful collection of cables and other junk that may make someone else happy, for a small fee.

I think for me its just a matter of finding the right balance of keeping myself occupied and not sitting bored whenever I have free time, and the other side being allowing myself enough free time to socialise. Money of course helps with socialising, but thats another matter right now.

Right, having read this back I can only say badly structured and floating about from topic to topic, so I will stop for now. I seem to write better from my Blackberry these days.

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