Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I being tested here?

How infuriating, a new routine, a new lease on life. Giving it my all to try and get things I can control sorted, and once again my body throws me a curve ball.
So last week I had a strained Planta Fascia muscle. As it seemed to start behaving I thought it was time to get it working again. So starting with the basics the walk to and from the station when I'm going to work is about 1 mile at one end and about 1/4 mile the other end. For the past few days I have managed that just fine with no repercussions.

So step 2 was to reintroduce the full 3.5 mile walk with the dogs in the evening, and that's seems to be where its all going wrong. Each morning for the past few days now I have worked with the aching foot from hell. My guess is that I am overstretching what I can do at this point while my foot isn't fully healed. The problem being I can't fully rest it as I still have the daily walks to get to and from work. But that's not causing any discomfort, so that's a positive at least. I have a benchmark of what I can do without repercussions.

The downside to all this is not being able to do the morning walks with the dogs like my new morning routine dictates. Anyway, out with the negative and in with the positive. On the plus side, I have my new gradual plan for my eating routine, and that's one thing I can stick to without too much of an issue.

So it starts today, slowly changing from food food food, over to a bit of cereal and shakes, and by next week I will be on pure shakes. No its not for everyone, yes there are better ways to lose weight, but I know what works for me, and based on my previous experience 100% commitment is the best and fastest way for me. This is a great thing to be able to prove to myself right now, and with it will come more confidence in myself, as well as the feeling of being back in control again.

Plan today... Frosties for brekkie, (done), shake before work. Nothing but fluids for my time at work, then 2 more shakes (maybe a bar or something) this evening, saving a chocolate for my night time hot chocolate, yummy. This is a plan that will continue for the remainder of the week, and once the Frosties are gone, they are gone. No more.

Long term, a weigh in tomorrow, then weekly ones. Weight is not the goal, wellbeing is. From there I want to get my foot in a good enough shape to be walking both dogs in the morning, then doing the long walk in the evenings. Including the walks to work the exercise level will be increased no end, the calorie intake right down.

The strange part is having trainers on really helps my foot, so once they are on the walking isn't too much of an issue, but obviously if I do too much, then normal walking will become painful and really damage my plans.

So here we are, begun, committed, and ready to give it my all. Mentally I feel strong right now, and in the right frame of mind to do this. One step at a time literally.

On a side note.... I am more than aware and not forgetting my daughters 17th Birthday in 2 weeks time. Hope you are excited Sian :)
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