Sunday, February 10, 2013

A bitter sweet day arrives.

Now I have to be honest from the get go here, this is a strange entry to be writing. And I'm hoping it will not be taken in the wrong way. But the facts are simple enough. 
Today is a very big day for me, and even more so for my daughter Sian. 
Today is the day that Sian turns 18, yup I said it my daughter turns EIGHTEEN years old today! Bonkers or what?
That said, in four days time I will turn a whopping FORTY, so its a big week all around.

Now I say it is bitter sweet, and there is a reason for that. As huge as the day is and as much a milestone that it is, it's just another normal day for me. I won't be speaking to her, or able to send a card a gift etc, because that's just how things are. I guess being a little bit childish about it I can say that since she told me 18 months or so ago that she 'might' get in touch some time, I have kinda lost hope in hearing back from her, and accepted that she has her own life with her mum and dad now.

But that doesn't for one minute stop me from thinking about how much I have missed out on over the past fourteen years or so.

But today, I let all that go, and accept that being a part of her childhood is over now, as she enters into adulthood. 1995 seems like an eternity ago, but in reality its nothing more than the blink of an eye.

I shall refrain from the usual messages and wishes on this day and instead end with, happy new beginning for all.

Michael Snasdell

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