Thursday, February 28, 2013

And to Sian Snasdell I bequeath...

With the passing of my late aunt, Joan Hughes there was always going to be a will.
I won't go into details, but it is very generous and I am truly grateful for being worthy of being included in it. I have done little to deserve such reward, and feel truly blessed to be gifted in the way I have been.

There is a lot to sort out in the meantime, but with all the funeral arrangements finalised, we now just await the day to say our final farewell, which will be 1pm on the 12th March. 

The distribution of her estate is arranged, and in her final will she included the children of the family also, and this is where Sian comes into it.
It's always a tough call with things like this. When we spoke, I got the impression that she is not ready to make contact with me, or have any real involvement with me, which I understand and respect. So I don't want to come waving a cheque saying, look Sian speak to me, I have money for you. But at the same time it feels rude to have no reaction to the gift from Joan.

Shortly after Sian was born we travelled to Wales to see Joan, but arrived very late, and u was simply too chicken to knock on her door so late or call her. So we left the next day without ever getting to introduce them. Which is a true shame. That's what you get for listening to your mum who insists her sister goes to bed early lol. Turns out she had beds made up and everything and waited up. Sorry to Joan, Sian and Anita for that. 

So there is the story. 

The other issues is, since making contact and finding out how things were wished to be, I also have no way of contacting Sian if I wanted to. So I guess the money will just go into an account until such a time when I can do it properly.  

I hate tight spots like this.

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