Saturday, February 27, 2010

A positive start to the weekend.

Well the post just arrived, and in it came 2 letters for me.
Both very small and simple documents, containing just a couple of pages, but hopefully both having a positive effect on my state of mind, and state of existance.

The first, was a the assignment of tenancy papers, for me to apply to have the house put into my name, which will hopefully secure me somewhere to live when the day arrives that mum is no longer with us. I hope thats a long way off, but its nice to put her mind at rest, while being able to concentrate on other things too.

The second was a partial settlement cheque from my employers insurers. Its not all done and dusted yet, there are still other things to be sorted out, such as loss of earnings and expenses. So I was suprised to receive a partial payment like this.

The upside of the partial payment is I can settle some long term debts now, and hopefully move on with my life in certain aspects. Looking fowards and no longer backwards, planning and plotting my future.

So all in all, this has been a game changing day for me. Now I just need to grasp the bull by both horns and do something positive about it all (which I actually already am if the truth be known.)

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