Friday, August 2, 2013

Allopurinol, can it cure it all?

So today is the day, (well last night to be precise) that my gout is under control enough to risk starting the course of Allopurinol.
After a bit of a shocker of a meeting with the company doctor (PHC) the other day, it was recommended that I try and get my GP to prescribe me Allopurinol to try and get my uric acid levels under control, and in turn hopefully reduce the number of flare ups of gout. Sadly one of the side effects of the drug is to seriously aggravate any occurrence of gout that maybe happening at the time.
After many many weeks of suffering from this latest outbreak, I can finally walk almost normally, run a little, and function normally. So I decided after careful consultation with work, that I would start the course.
‎This course, if it shows no serious side effects could last for the rest of my life now, as elevated levels of uric acid (Hyperuricemia can lead‎ to some pretty painful and long term conditions in the body, not just gout. So as explained by PHC, it's important to get it under control asap. This can mean a life long course of the drug, and regular blood tests etc to see that it's all under control. Similar to diabetes in that levels have to be managed for life, and the levels in the blood with determine the dose of the drug taken.

So last night I popped the first 100mg tablet, along with a Diclofenac which I have been advised to remain on to keep inflammation to a minimum. 

With work already having warned me about my attendance (hence the trip to PHC) I have been mindful of the consequences of another period of sickness which could be caused by the starting of this course of drugs. Of course if I have chosen my time right, all will be well. 12 hours later, so far there is no sign of any issues, so let's hope for once that luck is on my side.

I will be sure to keep blogging about my journey with Allopurinol, as I know many people search the Internet for gout daily, but seemingly only a few know about Allopurinol. None of the doctors I have even seen until PHC have ever mentioned it, and I have suffered from gout for about 5 years now.

Right, this was just a quick time marker and intro to the topic, so catch ya later.



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