Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Midlife crisis?

OK more important things first. I'm sitting in the waiting room of Lewisham Hospital once again, this time mum is having endoscopy. Colonoscopy to be more precise. Been a long time in the waiting for this appointment but glad its finally here.
Not sure how long it takes, but I have time.
I'm sure all will go well, I just hope they find some indication as to where the recent big bleed came from.

So, my midlife crisis. Recently I asked Facebook what I should do while in Florida this summer, and a friend, who is a keen skydiver suggested freefall. So I started looking into it, maybe a tandem jump I thought.
Well one thing has led to another and now I am in the process of thinking that maybe I should do a full AFF licence and get qualified for solo freefall. Not necessarily something I will do regularly, bit definatly something to chalk up on my wall of conquered.

I think I will do a tandem minimum, and see if my finances stretch to the $1200 for the AFF. Not sure I can justify the $2300 for AFF+A

So the end result is.... I now have massive motivation to lose more weight and to get fitter for the occasion. I am within limits, but would rather be healthy for it all.

In other news, I have 3 hours booked up in the tattoo chair again to get some more colour on my thigh piece. So loads to look forwards to now. Florida, skydiving, tattoo... Its all go!

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