Monday, May 10, 2010

Today is another good day.

Well kind of anyway. Starting off with the good news.. Firstly I have taken a day off, annual leave, which has resulted in a nice easy(ish) day for me.
And mainly because I received an email from the housing people today to say everything went fine with the assignment of the tenancy, and I am officially the tenancy holder for the house now. Finally I have "my own" place. That's a HUGE relief.

On the flip side, I am currently sitting outside the doctors surgery, waiting for my mum to see the doctor. With her colonoscopy due in the next couple of days, she has decided that her breathing is getting bad again, and she may not be able to have the procedure.

She does not actually want the procedure, and her voice when talking about feeling ill was far from convincing, but she is definatly wheezy.

42 days to go and I will be in Florida, and I can't bloody wait now. All paid for in advance for once, so hopefully lots of spending money this year.

Right that's me for now, hope everyone is well.

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