Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well that didn't work out too well!

OK so as promised a replacement phone turned up yesterday just after 1pm. After some banter with the courier I came back to my desk and opened the replacement. To my suprise I found I had been given a Blackberry 8520 in exchange for my 9700.
Running to the window, stopped the courier, swapped the phones back, checked the couriers paperwork, which stated "replace Blackberry 8520" and placed a call to Orange.

Unfortunatly the guy I have been speaking to was at lunch, so I left a message for a call back.
By 4.30 I had not heard back, so called again, only to again be told he was on break again. I left another message. This time the callback came. Which is quite a suprise based on Orange's track record. I informed them of the mistake, and was told that there had obviously been a mix up and my account showed an 8520 on it. Yup thats right, 3 weeks talking about a broken 9700 and all I really wanted was an 8520. Which would have been totally useless to me, as they are only replacing the handset, not the battery or cover.

So, I sit here again, waiting to see what will turn up today. I will be sure to update to see what Orange can come up with on what is now about Day 24 of the whole matter.

I am so tempted right now by a white 9700 which is NOT available on Orange right now. Could the time be right to jump ship? I wonder what else Orange have that could tempt me right now.

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