Friday, April 2, 2010

From today I am giving up caring.

Caring about the whole Orange thing that is.
It is really not worth stressing myself about now, if they cant be bothered, and I have managed to get another Blackberry to use, what is the point in worrying and stressing myself about it all.
I was seriously wound up about it all last night, but on getting out with the dogs, and taking a breather, I realised a few things.
Its only a phone. I have my services on another handset now, so am only losing out on paying for what I'm not getting, and having to use a lesser model. But this works at least.
This is the first serious issue I have ever had with Orange in 6 years. OK yes its a bloody serious issue (as far as I am concerned anyway) and getting beyond a joke as we rumble into day 9, but worth leaving a carrier for? That in itself could be more hassle still.

So I am left dithering.
The plan now, leave Orange to their own devices, just wait for the call back to say they are ready to resolve the issue, and see how they are going to reimburse me for my time and loss of service, as well as the hours of calls which I will no doubt get billed for.
Once that is done, I will call retentions when the first contract ends, and see what they want to do to retain me as a customer.

The only downside with this plan is, if it takes til the end of next week and I have heard nothing back, do I just assume I have been forgotten, and chase them up. Or just leave it? I'm not sure I'm THAT patient.

Lets see eh, have a great Easter break.

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