Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michael Snasdell Blackberry 9700

To whom it may concern. I write to you this evening with a heavy heart and a certain degree of annoyance.
The account in question is attached to my mobile account.

It has now officially been 2 weeks since I first reported the fault with my Blackberry 9700 not sending/receiving data, and to date there has been no resolution of rectification of the issue. I have spoken to numerous people about this matter, from tech support, to handset faults, and all to no avail.

I have now reached the stage of not wishing to verbally discuss this matter any further with anyone from Orange. The conversations seem to repeat on themselves, the outcome invariably the same "we can't replace the handset at this point" and the level of frustration for me rises each time.

So instead I would rather communicate via email so I have a record of any assurances given, actions taken, and if one should ever be given, a time scale for resolving this whole matter once and for all.

I have reached the point of sharing the details of the issue with online communities and my blog, in order to seek further advice on the whole issue.

I would be grateful if someone could review the matter and get back to me to let me know where we are with the matter and if resolution can actually be reached, or if the matter is not possible to resolve.

In the meantime I feel if only fair to express my acute disappointment with Orange over this whole matter, and of my intentions to seek alternative provision of mobile services. Vodafone are offering a very similar package, and should it not be possible to resolve this issue in the very near future, I will begin transferring my contracts to Voda as soon as practically possible.

I should point out that this email is being sent from the account which I have the issues with. Simply putting the SIM into a working handset (my Blackberry 8520) allows me to use the full data service. I hope this in some way provides extra encouragement for Orange to replace the faulty 9700 once and for all. As it is clearly an issue that replacing the handset WILL resolve.

I look forward to receiving a response full of hope and promise very soon. Or at least an honest appraisal of the matter and some form of decision.

Kindest regards

Michael Snasdell

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