Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well that was an effort!

Apologies for no entries over the last week, was just taking a break from the WWW.

Well I have spoken to Orange a couple of times over recent days now, been lied to by a handset support agent, telling me 2 days no longer, regarding a final decision. Only to be contradicted by the executive office. Which is what I expected anyway. But I am sure people appreciate that when you are pissed off with a situation, the last thing you need is a call centre telling you lies.

I got a call back from Orange Exec Offices this morning to confirm after a discussion with management they have decided to replace the handset. Over riding tech support in the process, and going against the way they operate. But due to the time the whole matter has dragged on for they are, I quote "willing to try replacing the handset to see if that helps the matter in any way". Meanwhile tech support remain positive that the matter lays with RIM, and replacing the handset will NOT give me a fully serviceable 9700.

So lets see what happens. I will of course update as soon as I have tested the new handset.

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