Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OK well thats Easter out of the way... lol.

... time to move on and change a few things about.
Ordered a new bed over the weekend, hopefully this one will be worth the money and provide a good nights sleep. Cost a pretty penny, but hopefully its money well spent. Sadly though, that change has also inspired me to make some more changes in the bedroom, so no doubt that will cost me a bit more too. Doh!
I have booked the kennels for our trip to Florida this year, so thats another thing out of the way. I am scaring myself at just how organised this trip is so far. A few more things left to do, but the majority of things out the way. Hoping to get the house paid for by the end of this month, which will be a god thing, and will only leave the cars left to pay for once we travel. Looking forwards to this break now. A long way off, but I can hold out that long. 85 days or so left.

Also over the weekend we bought a WiiFit which I have to say is both fun and addictive. I am already trying to break records I set, and beat any record Chantal sets too. I like using it, and am aiming mainly at flexibility and muscle toning for the areas I usually miss at the gym. I have to say, after 3 days I am already feeling the difference.

Speaking of the gym, I have been a couple of times over the 4 days of Easter, and managed to train hard. Today doing biceps, and coming home and feeling knackered, but somehow feeling good too. I have also started using Cardio Trainer on my MotoDEXT phone. An Android based app, which copys what some far more expensive devices do, and provides a great record of indoor and outdoor exercise. So another helpful tool to keep me on track for my 90 day plan.

From today food intake is taken seriously, exercise regime followed closely and gains and improvements will be the reward.

Right im done for now, so catch you later, have a great short week.

Oh just to say, 11am, no call from Orange, and no data on the 9700 yet!

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