Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The riots continue

Last night I was very stupidly out and about the local area, seeing what was going on around the local area. Focusing on Sydenham, it was obvious something was going to happen at the large Sainsburys.
Outnumbered and ill equipped, the police used the best possible tactics available to them. A number of camera equipped traffic cars were used to illuminate and film the gathering gangs, in order to gather intelligence for future arrests. Given the limited resources, I applaud the police for using this tactic, and not trying to confront the gangs.
By late in the evening we saw the petrol station at the Sainsburys come under attack, thankfully unmanned at this time.

On returning to the area this morning it is now clear that the attack on the petrol station was just the minor part, and while windows were damaged, the main building took the brunt of the action. As you can see from the pictures, the petrol station did well, but the empty TV displays in Sainsburys also pictured, were the main target. There is of course the possibility that these were removed before the store was vacated, but no confirmation either way.

Walking round other local areas, Catford also took a beating last night. JD Sports ransacked, and other businesses as pictured also randomly targeted. Even a funeral directors had windows put through. Blockbuster took quite a pounding too, as per the pictures, and almost amazingly the window display of dummy PS3's and X-Box's was also rummaged through by people dumb enough to believe they would leave 3 grands worth of consoles piled up like that. Thank you for demonstrating your stupidity, enjoy your cell.

Now as I'm writing this, the local areas, Penge, Sydenham and Forest Hill are all bracing themselves for the threat of another round of violent disorder. Local shops are shutting up early, some like Finches sports shop, removing all their high value goods the best they can. Other business owners are slightly more optimistic and are braving the warnings and carrying on. The feeling on the streets is one of worry and tension. It is refreshing to hear so many young people speaking of how shocked and disgusted they are and how the matter needs dealing with firmly.

The display of disorder over the past 72 hours is totally inexcusable. Its just a shame that all that seems to have happened is that this has been used for political manoeuvring, and blame tossing.

Let's hope this all ends soon, as the footage on the tv is a disgrace.
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  1. its a fucking disgrace- it needs to end

  2. There are no words strong enough to describe how utterly appalling the people and situation is. It just needs to stop, now.

  3. police need to stop playing and let them have it

  4. I heard this girl on the tv saying that it is all the fault of the business owners and banks who have all the money and are keeping it from people like her. At the time (9:30am) she was sitting on the pavement drinking a bottle of wiine and watching buildings burn.
    I would like to tell her that this local business owner is very far from being rich and has borrowed more money than she will probably ever earn to create a decent place for people to work and to give a decent service to its customers.
    This nonesense cannot go on.

  5. thank you all for the comments. It is a true disgrace

  6. This is so ridiculous, it's out of scale.
    Enough tolerance, enough political correctness.
    Enough protecting the so-called "human rights" of the proteseters.
    Enough good manners and civilty: we need a Tienammen-square job done on those bastards.