Friday, September 30, 2011

Blackberry nightmares..

OK its not that bad really, but should be interesting. Last night I damaged my Blackberry 9700 on the way home from work, so today I will receive my replacement. But this could be the toughest device swap I have ever done... And here is why.
The new handset will be delivered with os5, my current one has been updated to os6.1... However os6.6 is available now, so when I update the new one before restoring my data, it will install 6.6 which is newer than the data on my current one was created on.... So there are all sorts of hiccups that could occur... Welcome to the world of a Blackberry nerd!

Fingers crossed it will all go ok, no contact should know a thing about it. If it all goes wrong, well then I guess my contact list will get a LOT shorter, quickly!

Will be nice to have a fresh phone to work with, although I'm hoping to get my 9900 shortly anyway :)
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