Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tattoo's on the brain!

No, I don't mean brain tattoo's, now that would just be sick. I mean its 2am and rather than worrying about bills, work, health etc.... I can't stop thinking about tattoo's!

With a large thigh piece unfinished, a small bit left on my right foot to do, I am already thinking miles ahead, I'm talking 3-4 years worth here lol. The next piece planned was my left foot in memory of Graeme, but since mum passed I'm torn. I have a piece planned for both of them, but can't decide what to do next. The foot piece is all but designed, mainly by me, but mums piece so far just has the centre piece sorted. A large lily.

Sadly while thinking about the whole piece that the lily is the centre of, I got thinking about going for a full sleeve too. So starting with a lily on my chest, it will evolve into an arm, back and shoulder piece. With that in mind, the foot piece will be more logical to start with.

Or I could get the lily, then do the foot, then return to the lily when better thought out....

See why I can't sleep now!

Lol, night.
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