Monday, November 19, 2012


Ever had one of those moments when after a long period of being moaned at and criticised by someone for something you were doing (in your case legitimately), suddenly that person then does the exact same thing (illegitimately), and thinks its perfectly fine?

For me, while it pisses me off a little, I actually find it quite funny, and in some ways sad, especially given the reasons behind the behaviour. Amazed at how someone who spends so long commenting on other peoples lives, judging everyone around them, can suddenly just flip a switch, while flippin the world the birdie, and sit there like a smug little fucker, and think that everything is ok.

Well, wakey wakey, that's not the real world, and I for one will NOT sit by and pass up the opportunity to make life hell for you. Slip once, and I will do everything I can to make sure you can't get back up again. Slippery floor and a foot on your chest, just give me that chance to keep you down the way you beat me down and tried to finish me..... I dare you!

We all judge each other, on a daily basis, on all levels. From sneering at someones dress sense, to making cutting comments about their life choices. So don't think I am saying its poor behaviour, its natural. But the intention behind it is where its at. If you are just a judgemental and outspoken kinda person, then the chances are you mean no harm by your comments, you just can't help yourself but make your comments known.

Others however, gossip, plot and spinelessly create situations out of nothing. Taking a genuine situation, spinning it at 1000rpm until its all muddled up, then present it to the world as a smear campaign against you. I know, I have been on the receiving end of one of these.

However half a revolution more and the tables are now turned. A similar situation arises but now roles are reversed. Questions asked at all levels about how genuine this all is, poor attitude towards those you should be respecting, and some very lame reasoning for actions.

All I can say is what I have said all along... The clock is ticking, and just how long it keeps ticking for is up to you... Yes YOU, yourself, your own worst enemy.
Karma has bitten twice already, and is waiting to take the final bite...

Once again..... Do it, I dare you!

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