Monday, June 3, 2013

The four seasons of my foot

So after accepting recently that I have a bunion developing, my body thought it would be hilarious to quite clearly throw Gout into the mix too, and flare up on the very same joint.
To be honest I'm not sure if it's better or worse that way, as having something in both feet would be horrific. Only had that once before, and was totally unable to move at all.
So for the second time in a short period I am off work again. Seeing a doctor at my local GP's tomorrow, and seeing what they make of it.

One issue is going to exist though, which will irritate me no end. The bunion was causing me great pain on its own on Thurs and Fri, but the gout showed up and got going at the weekend.
As it is still here, trying to explain to a doctor that this is the SECOND phase of the issue, and the gout is NOT the underlying issue will be near on impossible. Which means, once the gout is back under control, a second trip to the GP may be needed if the bunion persists.

Obviously I have the pictures of the foot before the redness and swelling, but whipping my phone out in the middle of diagnosis is a little cheeky, and to be fair won't tell them much, other than showing them the bunion in its normal state.

All in all I'm sick and tired of it all now, as is anyone who reads my blog I'm sure.

But for the record, the pics from top left, 
TL Friday evening, extreme pain from bunion
TR Sat and Sun Gout showed up, LOTS of pain
BL This morning, after rest, painful but calm
BR This evening, swollen, hot and hurts like hell.


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