Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello again world...

Cor blimey so much going on recently its hard to keep up with it all. Dunno where to start, BBM cross platform fail to launch, BB being bought out by a private equity firm, my adventures with the Nexus 4, or closer to home and in the real world, the change of estate agents for the house, or the subsequent almost immediate sale? Hmmm, lets start with real life, then if you get bored reading, you are not missing too much.

So, the house (Willow Close, Wales) went on sale a few months back now and since it did there has been very little progress, a couple of viewings with not the greatest feedback, then nothing more for months now.
So after getting some very unsatisfactory viewing and interest figures once again from the agent, we decided it was time to pull it from Wynne Davies, and move to Sterlings.
Up until this time I had not checked either agent out, as both had equal rating from the solicitor. However on doing a little digging and using my old mate Google to search, I discovered that Wynne Davies runs from a small office near the sea front in Rhos, while Sterlings is on the High St in Colwyn Bay.

Just days after instruction was given, I received a call from Sterlings to say they had an offer in, at just £3k under the asking price. Needless to say, after short consideration it has been accepted, and solicitors instructed. So now the cogs are turning and the clock is ticking. The total and utter end of the Wales connection, gone forever. Just the family grave and 40 years of memories remain there. Which I must say is MORE than enough to keep me going there for years to come. Speaking of which, I am keen to get up there again very soon to tend to matters.

I wont deny that this sudden activity has caused some sleepless nights recently for me. But to counter that I have bucked up my ideas, started using the multigym that I bought and finally put together a couple of weeks ago, and really got back into training, on my own terms this time. Something I can stick to and feel good about. With the help of P90X of course. To say I am aching right now is an understatement, but its a nice ache, and it all contributes to helping me sleep well at night. Now to just keep at it for as long as I can, and regain my fitness AGAIN !!
Speaking of the body, last weekend saw another session in the chair with the one and only Michelle Collenette at Innocent Needle Tattoo, to get some more work done on my Welshanese Dragowl. With some inspiration for the colour scheme found in a dance video by i-Glide, to a Lindsey Stirling track, it is all coming together now, and I am delighted with how its turning out. Getting very addicted to tattoos again now, this could get expensive!
With tattoos in mind, its the London Tattoo Convention this weekend at Tobacco Dock in London, and I am hoping to stalk a couple of my favourite artists on Sunday and see what their work and style is really all about. I just hope they are working when I am there.

In other matters, BBM BlackBerry Messenger, finally got launched as a cross platform IM service last weekend.... And due to lots of issues, was immediately pulled again. Damaging BB's reputation further, harming the chances of it being successful cross platform, and sending stocks tumbling further. As the stocks went to the mid 800's, the investors pounced with a buyout proposal, and BlackBerry is as good as under new management for just 3 billion.
Meanwhile, I am as happy as ever with the Q10, loving what it does and how it does it. And getting along like a house on fire with my Nexus 4 too, so all bases are covered.

Right, things are getting hectic, to I better get on with my day, but watch this space for updates on the house, and fitness amongst other things.

Thanks for reading.

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