Monday, September 16, 2013

What's been going on?

While the world around me has been going a little crazy, I have been trying to stay grounded, and may I say, doing pretty well too.
With all the medical issues being taken care of to some degree, life is feeling a little bit 'normal, dare I say.
So here is a quick catch up with me...

Arm issues are being dealt with a combination of physio and Naproxin from the GP. The Allopurinol is going well, so serious side effects at the moments so that's something. The physio uncovered some issues I didn't even know I had, but that is all in good hands. And what a great pair of hands the physio has. Always amazes me how much power comes out of a pair of hands. But feels lovely to feel some relief. 

Wales house. This weekend it was decided that a second valuation should be considered, so Sterling's have been requested to go there and value it for quick sale, and report back. So that is happening tomorrow. Hoping that they are as efficient selling as they are at communicating. The email responses have been fantastic. Fingers crossed. With the weather turning, it would be nice to see it sell before the cold weather sets in.

Work. Well work is work, drama, bitching, stress and some downtime just about sums it all up in one sentence. Pay rises just came in, I'm not complaining. My only issue these days with work is get the train or drive into work. As it gets colder and wetter, the idea of getting a train becomes less appealing, but im trying to stay in the right mindset to keep as active as I can.

Speaking of being active... I'm getting VERY fat again now and I'm not happy. with the arm issues clearing up, I am using this week as a starting point to get back to training again. So the multi gym is up, the dip frame is up, and I'm raring to go. All I have to do now is get more and more active, walking the dogs more and things like plyo. Kinda looking forwards to that. So once again, watch this space for any updates or excuses.

Right I'm done. Back to waiting in this boring waiting room before I have my hair chopped at the barbers. Leon on his own today and chatting away, so gonna be a long wait!

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