Saturday, March 8, 2014

Incorrectly notified.

Dear Sir / Madam, 

I am emailing you in relation to an alleged speeding offence dated 22/01/2014 ref vehicle registration FT62PBZ
Today I have received a letter from Enterprise Rent A Car informing me that they have forwarded my details to yourselves in response to the issue of the NIP.
However, they appear to have misinformed you, as I was the renter of the vehicle in February, and not January as detailed on the NIP.
I attach a copy of both letters, in which Enterprise state clearly the dates I was in possession of the said vehicle.

I hope this error does not cause you too many issues, and that any NIP's intended to be sent to me can be cancelled instead of incurring extra costs.

I have copied the original rental location in on this email, to both draw their attention to the error, and to hopefully expedite the process of furnishing you with the correct information.

Kindest regards

Michael Snasdell

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