Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Playing the game.

We all do it right, because life is in reality just one big game. Goals, plans, and at the end of it all, winners and losers. How well you play each period of the game will of course determine if you have any silverware in the cabinet at the end of it all.

In all walks of life, regardless of which aspect, there is always something to gain. Some see the gains and rewards as trivial, others thrive to be the one coming out on top. But the truth is, those who want to win every time are in fact the biggest losers of the games.

Without the lows, there are no highs.  Without the loses, the pleasure of victory dwindles into normality, and what was once something to feel good about just feels like an ordinary day. And that is where it gets a little out of control. Like someone addicted to a high, each high has to be higher to maintain the feel good factor. Some people in life take the same approach to the game of life. As they tire of the normality of their victories over others, getting one over on people, or always being the one getting the cream, they up their game.

Unfortunately, all this means is, the losers they usually leave in their wake. Or should I say, those who were not victorious this time around, no on is a loser really, I digress..... Those not coming out on top each time just get trampled on more and more for the stampede of the selfish and glory grabbing, trying to reach higher and higher.

My personal take on all this is simple I guess (but I bet this turns long winded all the same!)
Victories are over rated. Thriving to achieve something which only makes you feel good is not only selfish, but also just a little bit lonely. Succeeding as a team, a group, a unit, makes any victory far greater. Everyone remembers it, everyone knows what the other did, and what was achieved. Rather than a quiet little hollow victory, with you woop wooping to yourself in your selfish little mind.
While I love a victory of any kind, given the hands I have been dealt in life over the years, I am happy for getting to the end of a day and waking the next morning.

My aim day to day in general is simple, live a full day, smile, make others smile, and end the day feeling ok about the day now behind me. If something amazing happens, fantastic. If not, hey ho, such is life, maybe tomorrow eh.

To all those with so many goals, wants and desires, who are willing to sacrifice the happiness of others around you. Take a long hard look at yourself, and ask yourself..... Is an entry in the hall of fame under "Biggest Wanker" really the legacy you thrive for? Or would you prefer to be the simple existence, but the one everyone cares about, respects, and misses whenever you are not there.

For me, I think quite selfishly I might actually achieve both. Two persona's calls for different goals in life, and im sure I already have the first of the two acolades. Now my goal is simple, be the real me, and be the latter of the two to the majority of people in my life.

Remember now... Dream BIG, tread carefully. You never know when you might need the help of those you consider below you.

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