Sunday, January 11, 2015

Steven Emerson...WTF !

First off, Fox News, where the hell did you find this idiot? And secondly, why the hell would you allow a man who clearly makes stupid uneducated statements a TV platform to do it from?

Shamefully I have to share his idiotic comments to make this make sense to anyone who has not seen it.

I have only seen just a short clip of the idiot on YouTube, and have to say I am shocked. In an open and free world, where travel and news between our countries is free flowing, where in the hell does a grown man get information like this from. And wherever it is, doesn't it even cross his tiny empty mind to double check it?

To go on television in front of however many viewers you had for the show, then to be seen by the growing masses as the #FoxNewsFacts hashtag begins to trend, and make statements suggesting Birmingham is 'Muslim ONLY' and that London somehow has some form of policing purely based on a single religion is offensive.

As someone from the UK, a country who apparently has a 'special relationship' with the USA, I am offended by this mans comments. The reason for my anger is a simple one, which is probably a good thing as you seem quite simple Mr Emerson.

While you parade yourself as some kind of expert, there are gullible people out there who will actually believe you. While to the educated among us scoff at your stupidity and ignorance, sadly there is a minority out there who will believe the UK is a segregated and hateful country. Somehow intolerant of the Muslim faith, and one which divides itself city by city.

Your ignorance feeds the anger which in turn causes the violence and hatred we see on a growing basis now. The media seems to thrive on spreading only the negative stories about such events, and brings religion, especially Islam, into every negative story it can. Then when the violence subsides for a while, the media switches to reporting on how religion and hatred for Muslims is causing unsettled societies.

So putting such a stupid man on screen, spouting such utter rubbish, just goes to show the true source of the hatred in society. No SOCIAL media..... NEWS media.. Drip feeding people daily on stories of fear and anger. Building walls, not bridges between the different races and religions in society. Black, unemployed, Muslim, broken home..... Where are the positive stories?

I don't need to say much more, the world of social media looks on with shock, shame and disappointment at both Fox News, and their supposed 'expert'. I have heard more believable stories from a naughty five year old trying to explain who broke the vase. Stop day dreaming, stop making stuff up and tell the truth.

In the light of recent events, and in the knowledge that this is far from over, I beg you news channels... Please please please stop insighting hatred  among people. Build bridges not walls, and stop thriving from the violence and suffering the misleading stories generate.

Lots of love...

Angry Londo


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    Er Michael, it's Fox News - THIS is their raison d'etre. It is what they do. Daily. Always. All the time. Don't let facts get in the way of a good scare story which will put the fear of Islam in the hearts of uneducated white people.

    Angry almost Brummie (I'm from the Black Country actually, but heaven knows what will happen if Fox find out about US!)

    1. Hi Ted, yeah I know, silly of me really, but it just enrages me when media companies, regardless of their reputations and the respect they command, come out with statements like this, then fail to retract them. I hear Emerson has since apologised blaming his researchers for it.
      But for the small minded individuals who thrive on these hateful stories, it is just another chip on their shoulder, more 'facts' to cause them to grow ever more angry. (says the rational man growing ever more angry at the media lol)
      I have however enjoyed the reaction on social media to this story.