Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Lewisham 20mph limit, and the DSA Driving Test

I have been thinking recently, if I am honest, just during the drive to work this morning, and a question has popped into my head...
During a DSA Driving Test, you will be asked to perform an emergency stop (controlled stop). This as a rule is carried out on a quiet road during the test route, at 30mph. See the problem yet?

With Lewisham imposing a 20mph limit on just about ALL roads other than red routes across the borough, where exactly can these emergency stops be practised and carried out during tests?

Now I don't know for sure, but special rules may apply, and the stop might be allowed to be performed at 20mph, within the borough limits, although I doubt this, because as it stands, in the real world a lot of cars in other boroughs are still permitted to travel at 30mph on the majority of roads. 

Otherwise, if the test MUST be performed at 30mph, am I right in thinking that Lewisham are pushing inexperienced drivers into neighbouring boroughs to perform their stops? From Hither Green, the most likely winners of this postcode lottery are LB of Greenwich, and LB of Bromley. How lucky of them!

So what will it be? I will be interested to do some more digging on this, and see what the official plan is. Time to send some tweets!

Well, here is the answer straight from DVSA, now I know. So people tested in a 20mph area, will execute the stop at a lower (easier?) speed, and possibly never gain the experience of doing 30mph on normal roads?

We would ask it to be done at/just under 20mph, where appropriate to do so. Nobody would be asked to break speed limit ^HT

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