Monday, September 20, 2010


My shoulder aches. So far that is my only complaint of the day lol. But an irritation all the same. Other than that I'm happy with the start to the day. Woke up fresh, took the dogs for a walk and had a look at a few financial bits and bobs of mine.

So what does today hold? I don't know, but what I do know is its the start of round 2 of the diet. After a night of sin foods last night, its time to step up again and get on with a healthy regime.
So from today, its porridge in the morning and delicious shakes and drinks for the rest of the day. A week, maybe 2 weeks of that again (with occasional grilled chicken throughout), then step it down a notch and start eating again.

Other things on today's agenda are, replace tail light bulb on the car (now I figured out how) and of course 6 hours in hell, aka work.

I have to say I am feeling somewhat positive right now, even when something gives you a little kick in the lower region, I'm still managing to stay standing up. I think recent conversations with others, and a little reflection have made me feel better about my own situation. I have changed a few plans, considered stepping up other plans, and retaken control of what's going on in my life. Now the hard part, maintaining that control.

I have another session with Peter tomorrow and am hoping I will bring something more positive to the table, and be able to dig a little deeper into my mind and weed out any other little niggles.

But right now, what I would love most.... Is a back massage. Always when I can least afford it! Grrr.

Have a good day all, time has run out for me here now.



  1. Your tattoos costing a fortune? Your should prioritise options! At least food won't be a bother in the wallet department for a while :)

  2. lol yeah but that is neccesary expenditure. I will find a way to get a massage, maybe that £10 for 15 mins local to me lol