Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is the life!

Well for a dog anyway. What a hard stressful existence my poor dogs have. Wake up, wee, be fed. REST. Go for a walk, REST. REST a little more rest, and maybe a wee, then some more REST!
Come the evening, a walk, a wee, some dinner, and REST! With playtime during any of the rest time of course.

Sometimes I wonder if I should envy or pity the dogs. For now its definatly envy.

So, me, today. What can I say, the life of a dog really I guess. Woke up and had a little lay in, then sprung into action with the usual 4-5 mile walk with the dogs. Home and breakfast was next (porridge of course. Honey and almond). A few minutes to myself to catch up with today's news, then took a bath.

The afternoon has so far consisted of going to physio. Back On Track in Catford once again saving the day. My back cracked like a box of Cornflakes,n followed by being massaged. To say I feel better is an understatement. Me and the physio were both amused at how much of a difference some manipulation and massage had made. I have almost full range back in my neck now which is fantastic.

Remainder of the day is a tough one. I have plans to go with Amber to take some pictures this evening in town, but until then have some free time. So I am gonna catch a liquid lunch (diet shake not beer), then maybe give the dogs a good brush, and be a man of leisure for a while and kick back to watch some tv.

Can you tell how relaxed I am today? Crazy huh, amazing what a few forms of therapy can do for the body and mind.

Enjoy the day y'all. Lovely weather out there.

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