Monday, October 4, 2010

No structure = Instability?

And for once I'm not talking about buildings, although still relevant.
While walking the dogs this morning I realised (thanks to Sally) that my mood had again lifted somewhat from where it was at the weekend. Thinking about it I realised something key. I am a slave to routine.
OK not the sort of concrete routine that involves a daily grind, but the sort that revolves around a schedule of sorts.
On weekdays I know what I am doing from when I get up, right up until its time for bed. Dog walking, breakfast, work, dog feeding etc. But the weekends are a different beast.

Weekends are for me, unless I have made plans, a freefall of the stability I have built up over the week. Having no set agenda, having nothing to get up and get on with is a real blow. But I'm sure now that I have identified that, it won't be too hard to sort out. I know one thing I could benefit from at the weekends (as well as weekdays) is a physical regime.

Yes, the dogs are walked for a long distance twice daily, and that does indeed count towards the regime, but I know I have time for some other odd bits in there too. Just some structured exercises to keep other parts moving and firm. A trip to Decathlon is long over due, but then I guess having some money might help right now too.

With all the plans for holidays going on, money seems to be escaping faster that a the water from a bath with no plug in it. Not out of control, and not spiralling debt, but something I would like to get to grips with soon. Spending cuts, personal ones, not government ones are also on the cards, with a few fixed payment agreements coming to an end, that should make balancing the books a little easier too.

Right, talking of schedules, I have one to keep, and a job to get to. So have a good day, happy damn Monday. Have a positive week.

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