Tuesday, November 1, 2011

M25 impressive.... Tent City... not impressed

I refer to the accident on the M25 today that caused a 19 mile tailback. First question really is, how few people really check the travel news before heading out in the morning. Given that the accident occured at just after 03.00 this morning, and the worst of the traffic was building up some 3 hours later.... Fools.

The accident itself was a lorry striking the central reservation rupturing his fuel tank, spreading diesel all over the carriageway. From there is becomes a bit of a blur. Apparently the diesel caused a reaction with the tarmac, causing the surface to melt, making it unsafe to drive on.

From the time of the accident to the estimated time of repair, a tiny 12 hours would elapse. 12 hours for a clean up I hear you say.. but no! In that 12 hours they get the equipment to the scene to tear up the surface, remove the debris, bring in new tarmac, and re-lay a whole new road surface, planning to have the road back open by the start of the todays rush-hour. Which when you consider the magnitude of re-laying a larger section of motorway, 2-3 lanes for a hundred yards or so, thats some epic task to achieve in twelve hours... Let alone with no notice of the job. To just jump into action, get the troops and equipment together and sort the logistics of trucks, materials and manpower... Now thats really going some. So well done to the Highway Agencies for making that happen.

On the flip side there is the annoying bastards at St Pauls. Still not going anywhere, and getting slightly confused in their own direction now. All of a sudden the purpose of setting up at St Pauls was to get the church behind their efforts. Hmmm. You wish to enrole the support of the amazingly wealthy Church of England, and want to get them to back you in your anti capitalism campaign ? Or is it that you just want to befriend them now to apply pressure so you can stay irritating the hell out of the Corporation of London for even longer?

Someone quitting their job because they CANNOT condone physical action against you is NOT a show of support. Its being pushed into a corner by selfish arseholes who demand the religious members of the St Pauls organisation choose one side or the other. Their choice to walk is not a sign of support, in fact if you think of it from another angle, the only thing it offers support for is physical intervention by the police. By not being able to say what they really feel, leaves them no choice but to quit. So stick that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

I believe one of the men of the cloth said last week to the protesters, you have had your say, now its time you moved on.... Then quit shortly thereafter. Do you still consider this support.

My point is, everyone knows your cause, everyone understand the plight of the 99% (except the illusive 1%), and everyone knows where you are. The problem is, the only thing people are talking about now is how damn irritating it is all becoming. Its costing the tax payer, the 99%, their hard earned taxes to keep you all looked after, clean (as clean as can be expected anyway) and managed by the police. And before it is said the police dont need to be there..... Dont be so stupid, firstly you lot cant be trusted, and second of all there are a LOT of people who are sick to death of you now, and its not long before it becomes something the public decide to act on in person.

Protesting is about having your say, spreading your message, and making a good case for yourself and your cause. NOT being a pain in the arse, costing the tax payer money, and costing people their jobs. Your cause has lost its fire now, and the public have lost interest. Look at the news reports, and all anyone is talking about now is legal action, and how much of a beating you will all get when you are finally moved out.

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