Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Guy Fawkes night (Nov 5th 2011)

Amoongst all the doom and gloom of all the recent events and my entries, there was a ray of light... Well more like multiple flashes of light actually.
Sat 5th Nov was spent on Blackheath Common watching the ever amazing FREE fireworks display laid on by the local authorities. Huge number attended, and the weather held out until the last bangs and flashes had passed.
So below I have linked the 5 videos I shot of the display. This year viewed from a different point to normal, but was just as good.
Congratulations to the hundreds if not thousands of people who managed to arrive at the top of the hill at 8.25-8.30 just as the show ended. And to the hundreds more who were still making their way up the steep slope of Shooters Hill.

And before the videos, one more comments.
Thank you to all those working for London Fire Brigade last night. Your Tweetathon really did go some way to open my eyes and those of many others, and give us an insight of what you deal with annually. I am astounded by the number of idiots out there still trusted with matches, lighters and even petrol. For those wondering what I am on about, here are the totals that LFB dealt with last night...

Taken from London Fire Brigades Twitter page.
London Fire Brigade
Some grand totals on From 4pm to midnight we took 528 calls and firefighters went to 114 bonfire related incidents.

London Fire Brigade
That's more than a call a minute and, roughly, a fire every four minutes

London Fire Brigade
Just been called to an out of control bonfire on a park nr Ikea in Croydon

London Fire Brigade
If you’re reading this and still have a in your garden please take care. Another bonfire related incident in Mayeswood Road, SE12

London Fire Brigade
Bonfire out of control on East St, Walworth and another one on East Avenue, Hayes

London Fire Brigade
Yet another call to an out of control bonfire - this is nr Eltham High St, SE9

London Fire Brigade
Keep a close eye on your bonfires tweeple, just been called to one that's out of control on Bounds Green, New Southgate

London Fire Brigade
Out of control bonfire on Briar Road, Romford. You should always build your bonfire well away from buildings, sheds, fences, trees & bushes.

And so on...... Seriously, how stupid are people?

OK, video time, so here are my videos of Blackheath 2011, which thankfully the LFB DIDNT get called out to.

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