Monday, July 23, 2012

Hurrah, the Olympics are coming!

Apparently that's a good thing. So I'm told.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not all negative about it, there are some positives in there too. But most of the positive things I see in the Olympics being in London are unconventional.
The actual events etc have very little interest for me if I'm honest. Yes of course there is the perving at girls in tight fitting clothes, but that's what the internet if for right! lol. (im joking!!) There are a couple of events that sound interesting, BMX and things like that. The athletics and all the other usual disciplines are a bit dull to me, never been that excited about watching people run marathons.

The questions like 'will Bolt win', and wondering if any records will be broken are also of some interest to me, but if it doesn't happen, I'm hardly going to be disappointed.

For me its more about the architecture, the technology, and all the other geek worthy stuff that has been put together to make the event happen. Watching Mega Structures about the Olympic park being built was fantastic, and many more special programs about that sort of stuff will be cool to watch.

On the down sides... Transport is going to suck. There is no doubt in any ones mind that getting around in London for the next 4-6 weeks is going to be a nightmare. The roads, public transport and probably even some of the streets in some areas will be horrible to say the least. With London Overground advising to walk parts of your journey, and messages coming out of the mayor's office suggesting people work from home, change their usual plans, and adapt to allow people going to the Olympics to travel, just makes me a little angry.
No impact on local businesses I'm sure by closing off huge chunks of roads to the public. No impact to businesses in general having half their workforce turn up an hour late because of over crowding on the trains and buses, and so on.

As a Londoner of course I am proud to live in the host city. Yes I think it is epic how much has been done to make sure London is ready for this 'once in a life time' event. I guess working in the transport industry, living in London and being a keen follower of current affairs, I kind of get the feeling that I am going to drown in the Olympics, and any excitement or enjoyment that could be found in it, will be lost with the overwhelming exposure to the issues caused by the damn things.

OK let me close on a more positive note.....
London 2012, I'm glad it has finally arrived, and am excited to see how it will all turn out. I am proud to have so many people visiting the great city that I live in, and chuffed that I live here and don't have to travel to get to the host city.

Right, I'm going back to sulking about it now. The fun starts tomorrow, the impact begins on my job.

Enjoy 2012 London Olympics people.... someone has to!

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