Thursday, July 19, 2012

P90X update

I know you wanted to read one while catching up on my rants, so here goes.
After training as much as possible while in Florida, I have returned to the UK with sore shoulders from messing about in the pool and the sea. So I have decided before embarking upon my beast month of strict diet and hard training, I will give myself a week to recover.
In the middle of this week I feel tired, lazy and unmotivated. Feelings I am no longer familiar with, so hope to shake them pretty soon. My mind is in other places, and secretly I think my body is pining to train again.

So next week I will be back in the grind, with Amit joining me on my quest for a month I will be in good company.
The team of people cracking on with P90X now is ever growing, and that makes me feel good about the program and myself. Seeing so many people giving it a go drives me on to keep working harder, and maybe inspire a few more.

Paul, Zak, Lee, Ivan, Amit, Rob,Dave, Ivan, Laura, Carly, Jason and more, all officially part of TeamSnaz and going through the motions of P90X. Others also considering and getting ready to start it. Its amazing what a simple conversation with Noel in a car on a Saturday afternoon can lead to.

Roll on next week, I cant wait to get back in to the swing of things, and maybe add a little running to the mix too. Hmmm

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