Monday, February 17, 2014

Purley Cross / Kenley flooding

This evening, a week on from my first visit to Purley Cross since the news highlighted that the Purley Cross underpass at Tesco's would be flooded on purpose to help save the Kenley water pumping station, I returned there to see how things had changed. I have to say I was somewhat shocked at how things had developed, and just how much work the London Fire Brigade was doing,around the clock there.

The A22 coming into Purley Cross is now very much a man made river. Local roads are sandbagged as low laying parts of them fill with water. It really is quite a scene.

I took some pictures on my travels, as well as speaking to a few of the fire fighters, both praising and thanking them for their efforts. Its not even my home they are trying to protect, but somehow I felt compelled to thank them all the same.

The first location I stopped at was by the Purley Oaks recycling centre, on the roundabout by Capella Court. The fire services were staged there with pumps going, sand bags at the ready, and lots of tenders and staff on site. One kind lady from Capella Court was keeping them supplied with hot drinks, on what was a rather cold evening. A few pics from there are included.

Then it was down to Purley Cross, Godstone Road, the A22, which as I say was very much closed off and flowing with water at quite a rate. The underpass at the junction of the A22 and A23 was about half full this evening. Most of the fire crews were up the Godstone Road, around Dale Road which looked to be under a couple of feet of water at its lowest point.

So I shall leave it there for now, and leave you with the pictures. Sorry for the quality, some idiot forgot his tripod! (amateur)

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