Friday, February 7, 2014


I wish I could work out what my brain was doing right now. After a long period of over activity, medication, stress, then 'relief'. Now most family matters are settled, I am not in a bad financial place, health doesn't seem too bad, and have even had a little bit of luck with the whole finding the package (Random acts of kindness). 

But for some reason over recent weeks my brain has refused to shut off. Laying awake late at night, mulling over the most trivial things you can think of. No longer how will I pay for something, but which one do I want. Thinking things over is all well and good, but I like sleep too.

I have done a number of things to aid sleep, counting, relaxation exercises, and even mild meditation. All of which I should say work fine, but it's just such an effort. When the body is tired I would like the brain to join in and switch off.

In other matters of life I can't complain, things seem ok, and I am slowly getting the house into a respectable condition, next big job, plastering!

Right, I just wanted to ramble to pass some time, so that's me done for now :)

Happy weekend all



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