Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random acts of kindness.

Thank you to Ira Jones and the company they work for, , and Anna, a complete stranger.
Back in Dec I ordered P90X-3 through a BB coach, but in my infinite wisdom I sent the package to the wrong house on the right street.
This wasn't realised until the delivery came and went, but when it was realised I felt that sinking feeling you feel when $200 falls out of your pocket.
When I checked and found out the package went to the wrong address I went through a long process of trying to find a way to get it back. I had the address, but on speaking to my friend who should have received the package it became obvious it was not going to be as simple as you might think.

As time passed I put the matter to the back of my head, but last week it would not let me rest. So after a late night live chat with a Beachbody sales person, I was put on to a way of resolving the matter. However taking a slightly different approach I tweeted at +Beachbody  and @CarlDaikeler the CEO of the company. To my amazement I received an email from Ira Jones from BeachBody Consumer Affairs within half an hour of the tweet, asking how they could help.

Within a short exchange of emails, they had the full tracking info looked into and confirmed, and offered a free of charge replacement of the $200 goods, even though it was 100% my fault. To say I was shocked and delighted is an understatement. I supplied them with the correct address, and vowed that I had not given up the cause just yet. Grabbing the Chromebook I quickly typed up a letter, and on getting into work I Fedex'ed it to the address I had accidentally sent the package to. The letter basically explained what had happened, and asked them to email me, or contact my friend in the US.

The next day as I stared at the tracking screen for the letter to be delivered, I wondered how this complete stranger would feel getting a letter from Fedex, sent from 4,000 miles away by a complete stranger, asking for their help. The proof of delivery appeared on the screen, I held my breath (not literally). A few mins later my phone pinged, and I had an email, from Anna, the complete stranger, from the wrong address. Explaining she had forgotten all about the package, and would take it to the right address asap. My face lit up, I don't mind admitting.

Contacting Ira again at Beachbody, I told them of the great news, and that I would return the replacement they were sending out asap.

Its amazing how the seemingly simple acts of a complete stranger, can have such a profound effect. The kindness of a company, the helpfulness of a stranger all resulting in the release of stress from me, and the receipt of a gift for a friend. Strange how some thing just happen like this, with just a little bit of common sense.

So thank you to Ira, Anna, Beachbody and Fedex for making this crazy little story happen.

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