Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess who's back!

‎Nope, not Wonga, I want nothing to do with them. Still nothing about the parking ticket from Bromley (although I'm sure I will within the 6 months). No, no not the bathroom, that's still in one piece, for now at least...

It's gout, after a long time in the wings, it's decided to come back with vengeance. Now if you ask me it's karma, nothing more nothing less. The Allopurinol was doing just fine keeping it at bay, until I decided to me mean, then karma bit me in the arse, or the right foot to be precise. 

Last weekend a friend of mine had an accident, resulting in quite nasty burns. Being the big boy that he is he took it in his stride, but ol' big mouth here had to try and take the piss to get back at him ‎for all the jokes about my numerous conditions over the years.

So the nickname Flamos was funny (play on his surname Amos)‎, and a couple of other bits were cheeky fun, but then I got carried away, and gout attacked me as revenge for my mean behaviour. Thats what I think, and I'm sticking with it.

A weekend of meds and remedies later and it's still biting hard into my big to, causing me to uncontrollably lift my big toe from the ground, causing the tendon in the top of it to become delicate and tense, and the muscles in the foot to cramp, just adding to it all.

So this morning I called the doctor to get an appointment asap, and managed to get one for 2pm. Realising this was a‎ bit sucky for work, I rescheduled it for 6pm, lucky or what.

Til then I only have one kind of med on hand for it, which messes my tummy up, so it's a delicate balancing act right now. Hopefully the doc can give me my old ones back. I did have some but can't find them.

Now would also be a good time to have bloods drawn to check my uric acid levels. They have been meant to be checked and managed between flare ups, but that's not happened. So not sure when they will assess and re-prescribe my dosage. Possibly needs to be increased at some point maybe.

Sigh, til then, the day goes on as usual, I shall hobble about and do what I can, then see what this evening brings. Now if only I could remember the name of the NSAID I usually have for this, and one that doesn't mess my tummy up.

Also time for a detox, proper refresh of the system. Maybe this is the wakeup call I needed!

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