Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, well, well...

Officially as good as confirmed that I wasted another day of annual leave today.
So lets look at this in a breakdown.

10/3/14 Axis confirm appointment for 1/4/14
10/3/14 I call them to confirm the actual job. Front, rear or all fencing.
10/3/14 Axis confirm 31 panels, but job showing as 2 hours allocation

1/4/14 9am Call to Axis to confirm job still scheduled, assured all is well.
1/4/14 1.30pm Call to Axis, contractor no show. Assured he will be here in 30 mins to start job. Advised he has only today been made aware of the authorisation of the job, but will start today for sure.

1/4/14 3.30pm Call to Axis, contractor still no show. After being put on hold I am told the exact repeat of the above. When I asked why the contractor is visiting today if he cant do the job, I am told that they don't know why, but if I can just hang on. I ask for confirmation that he will be the stated 30 mins, as I have already wasted nearly the whole day on this. I am told, if I can just give him til 5.30pm that would be good.

I really don't know what I am meant to be waiting in for today, but know that if I go out, and he DOES come I will end up being told I didn't wait in for the appointment and will have to wait for the whole thing to be rescheduled.

So, sincerest thanks to Axis for wasting away yet another of my days of annual leave on a no show, pointless exercise of a failed appointment. But don't worry, I will get up early tomorrow to contact my work and ask them for ANOTHER day of annual leave to wait in again for the contractor to show up.

One or two failed appointments is one thing, but over the past few years I have genuinely wasted WEEKS of my annual leave waiting in for contractors, from Axis and other L&Q appointed contractors, and quite frankly I am fed up of the whole matter now.

Sincerely yours
Fed Up

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