Monday, April 23, 2012

Introducing Creatine

Its been a long time since I used supplements in any form of daily routine, but the time has come now to step up my game.
Have I reached my plateau, no I don't think I have. However I am looking for more from my routine now. And from past experience Creatine is one hell of a leg up.
At the same time I am also introducing protein shakes too. As I move from entry level to more aggressive weights and input levels in the sessions, I know my body is left craving for the right stuff. Vitamins, protein, and a little hit of carbs just to keep the body ticking over.
As the weeks have passed I can physically feel my body slowly starting to explode with muscle growth and firmness, so the plan is to add to that, to aid the recovery of the body and the development of the muscles to really boost my results. Now the plan here is not to become the hulk, nor to make myself into some sort of adonis. But instead I want to target some areas to build on my strength in activities, and give me the push forwards to the next cycle. Improving my form and stamina is key here, but I would be lying if I said I was not interested in how I look... Of course I am :)
With every great opportunity, there is a price to pay, or at least the possibility of a bill anyway. I am of course not talking about the actual cost of the supplements. Which of course as most know, is upsettingly high!
I of course refer to the physical cost. Previously when using creatine I found that after I had loaded up (first week) my moods were fine, but my patience became a little frayed to say the least. Getting anxious from time to time. Not in a terrible way, I was not pacing hallways and worrying about the price of bread. But more personal things could provoke a reaction from me.
Part of this effect is going to be based on the increase testosterone raging through my body with all the increased activity and heavy training. This time around I am not training anywhere near as hard, well not as heavy or intensely anyway, and there is a huge increase in CV activity too. So hopefully that will balance things out a little bit this time.
So let's see how it goes. I'm hoping that people around me will be the first to warn be if I start to be a bit of a dick.
So here we go, Week10 of P90X, 4 more weeks of full on, hard hitting training, ready to commit 100% to the routine now, and take my diet a little more seriously. Introducing creatine, protein, and a whole new range of resistance bands to really help me up my game. Let's see where we are at the end now. The finish line is in sight, but for now, it only marks the end of Lap 1.
So let go people, dig deep, train hard, love life.
#P90X baby, its the shiz!

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