Sunday, April 15, 2012

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...for something that really just can't wait.
Now let's be frank about this now, I am really no role model. Poor health, terrible track record of life in general, and prolific babbling. Just a few of my redeeming features if you may.
However there is one thing I pride myself in, and that is inspiring. I won't blow my own trumpet here, its hardly ground breaking. I didn't give Mark Zuckerberg an idea for a website, and I can't take credit for the iPhone. But what I can say is, some of my rambling and babbling has changed peoples perceptions at times, and at other times given a little added drive.
Here I go babbling again. So let's cut to the point.
P90X, there I said it. Since starting 8 weeks ago now, as well as losing weight, training like a dog and seeing great gains, I haven't shut up about it. Twitter takes a beating daily from my @therealslimsnaz account, and hashtags such as #Fit4Forty #P90X and my new favourite #P90Xpress are my own mark on the place.
Tonight I hear from someone to say that they have heard their calling and are climbing onboard the P90Xpress. So I thought I would dedicate this entry to them, and anyone else considering, or starting the P90X journey.
So here goes....
You have clearly considered changing your lifestyle a few times over recent times, and once or twice looked in the mirror and thought 'not bad but room to improve'. God knows how many times I did that before I got on board. Maybe its health, maybe its vanity, maybe its none of the above.
Whatever the cause and reason you have arrived at this point, here are some things I want to share with you.
Any program that is worth investing time in will be demanding, challenging, and sometimes borderline soul destroying. While I have hit P90X Noel @Bampson has hit Insanity. Two very challenging regimes from the BeachBody stables. Can we compare, naaa not really, do we compete and drive one another, well yes I think we do.
So fellow P90X'ers. Firstly, welcome aboard.
Secondly, and this is important now... You can do anything you put your mind to. The first week of P90X is going to make even some fit people think they are dying each time they press play. But that's a good thing. It is key not to forget the first week or two. Those memories will be the driving force right up through the program until you finish Week 13. Remember the struggle, the poor form, the light weights and low reps.... Soon they will all be history.
Breathing is key. Like any exercise, lack of air will result in struggling badly. But as time progresses you will find yourself skipping along through routines, breathlessness will be a think of the past, and your body will be filled with excess energy, a feeling of being SO alive will consume you, and by half way through the program you will be hungry for more.
Another thing is, don't skip a thing, try everything. If at first you don't succeed, try try try again! Yoga is a challenge, and it has taken me weeks to master some postures and poses. Balance will soon become your friend, and you will catch yourself improving in things in your day to day life, all based on new found ability and flexibility. Yoga isn't weird at all, its your friend, and an important part of the P90X program.
Core Synergistics, and Plyometrics... If you are not cardio savvy, fear them, just a little. But again, over time you will benefit so much from them. Hell I can't walk up stairs anymore, I have to bound up them 2-3 at a time. Jumping down flights for fun, and doing all sorts of other weird energetic stuff.
I could go on, but my message is simple. P90X or Insanity for that matter are there for YOU. Commercial gain, well yes maybe a touch, but the physical gain and reward far outweighs the financial outlay, trust me on this one.
2 months has seen 2 stone drop from my weight. I still pig out, hell I'm eating chocolate buttons as I write this! I have dropped 2 sizes in clothing, gained muscle mass and definition. Get comments left right and centre about how I have changed, and I brim with so much confidence now I'm almost arrogant. Ok correction, I'm even more arrogant than I have ever been. But arrogant with the right to be.
I have dieted in the past, and won't knock LighterLife and Protikee, they were great. But P90X has honestly changed my life, and my entire lifestyle too. I am already planning months and months ahead. What training I will do next (Tai Cheng + P90X), setting higher goals, and feeling so amazing and driven I can't explain.
So, Amit (my Twitter friend lol) I hope this helps in some way. And to anyone else reading this wondering if P90X is for you..... It is what you make it. Give it 100%, and your return will be greater, guaranteed. I look forwards to hearing about the first weeks, and am here if there are any questions or you feel I can help.
And remember #P90Xpress :)
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  1. alllllllright alllllllllllllllllright i'll do it.

  2. Lol you never know, you might like it!
    But you know damn well you are far fitter than me anyway.