Monday, April 30, 2012

When the odds are stacked...

Don't give up, just keep trying. Its not over til the fat lady sings, so there is no point in quitting until time is up.
Over the weekend following a food treat my old friend Gout raised its ugly head. Making walking painful, let alone jumping, lunges and fighting stances. But instead of deciding it wasn't possible to carry on, I saw a challenge ahead and decided that it was time to fight harder, not retreat and admit defeat.
Thankfully the training schedule allowed for me to take it easy on my feet. Saturday was Kenpo, on not easy on the feet but better than Plyo for sure, so I managed to navigate my way through that. Then training with the girlfriend and hitting back and legs also. Taking it easier on things that would hurt my foot.
So here I am Monday, ready to give it my all again, and of course the routine again allows me to take the strain away from my feet. Chest and Back today. Avoiding the dog walks, not wanting to aggravate my foot any more than I have to, and save myself for Plyometrics tomorrow instead.
So how was todays session. One word says it all really, amazing. Not for any other reason than digging so deep, for a moment I thought Tony was talking in an Aussie accent. Deeper than ever before, and finally returning to a training ethos I have missed for years. Train to failure. Regardless of the movement, keep going until the body physically screams out and CANNOT do another single rep at all. Collapsing with push-ups, arms giving way on pull ups, and so on.
Todays words of wisdom are simple.
Train to failure NOT failure to train. If you can only manage 5 of what everyone else is doing 20 of, DO IT... Just make them good, clean, and your best ever. Keep going til your BODY says stop, not your mind thinking you can't do any more. Challenge yourself, and defy your mind and negative beliefs.
YOU can do it, if YOU want to!
Right now I'm sitting on the train in the sunshine, reflecting positivity, thinking the best thoughts of my life, and embracing life. My body feels great and alive, my mind is looking for the next challenge.
Speaking of challenges, I have realised I am in sync with the guys of Jaces Warriors, and as they start their 90 day challenge today, I am on the same page of workouts as them. Determined to jump back in with them all on Week4, I find myself rushing towards the finish line on my own challenge, and racing towards the team challenge start line.
With Clare and Carly starting with the group this week I have even more fire inside of me. As more and more friends jump onboard the P90Xpress, I realise how positive and amazing it all is, and am inspired by their drive to take the challenge on like I did.
What's down the line, well, as well as joining the group challenge in a few weeks time, I kinda feel I could take my nutrition a little more seriously, and am interested to see what differences that can make to my results on the next round. Time will tell, and watch this space. In the meantime I have not forgotten my interest in Tai Chi, and am still finding a way to fund and start Tai Cheng at the end of my first round on P90X.
In 8 weeks or so I jet off to Florida, so what better motivation to be in the form of my life. I can do this, YOU can do this. So what are we waiting for, Bring It people X style!
Big things lay ahead, and I for one am stoked!
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