Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is this Australia?

Surely it must be, I have dug SO deep today working out that I feel like I have gone right through the earths core. Sure got hot enough in the process, let me tell you!

So how are you guys doing? I know some of the readers are currently in workout programs, mainly Insanity and P90X. Are you giving it everything you have? Go hard, or go home is my favourite motto at the moment, purely because it says my views on training in just one line.

Going hard doesn't mean the heaviest and most reps in the world, more than everyone else. It simply means challenge yourself. When your mind says no more, defy it. When you think you are done, dig for one more rep of whatever it is you are doing. In short Train to failure, not failure to train. Being exhausted at the end is the goal, not being able to finish the last rep is a good sign.

For me, the recent doubling up of routines is really starting to show through. Pushing for every last rep, at a rate if almost every 12 hours really does put a drain on the body, but damn it feels good IF you can maintain the regime. The evening workouts with Chantal are a day or 2 behind mine, which means repetition here and there. Choosing which to commit 100% to, and which to tag along on is important. I would be doing Plyo tonight, but my program has Yoga in the morning, so I will just be taking it easy tonight.

My biggest challenge is nutrition, which I am still trying to get the right balance on. I'm getting there though, and the results are very obvious now, which I love. Added to the P90X is approx 10 miles of dog walks @ 4mph. Broken into 2 blocks, they give me the extra cardio I crave to wear me out.

Can you tell I'm loving this routine yet?
Right, I better eat and work. Have a great and positive day people :)
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