Monday, May 21, 2012

P90X, Round 2, a new approach.

My first round of P90X officially ended yesterday, the last workout being on the Saturday. Day 90 saw some great results for me, and I have had some amazing feedback for the finished results. Bringing It really does work if you are determined, committed and motivated by the right things. If you are not, then maybe now is not the time for you. Hell you can do anything for 90 days haha.

So what do I take from this round into the next? The main one has to be nutrition. No its really not the be all and end all, while very important, its not something that total commitment is needed for unless you are aiming to the highest levels, and able to stay on track. My results have been pretty epic as far as I am concerned, but the diet side has been far from strict. I'm sure if I told some that I had been faithful to the nutrition plan and ended up like this, there would be hi-5's all around and chants of see that's what nutrition is all about. Lean arms and legs, bulked shoulders, and abs starting to show through.

However, all that said, I am going to take diet a little more seriously this time. More because of curiosity than anything if I'm honest. Now I am at the point I am at, I am left wondering just how impressive I can get this 40yr old body in just 2 rounds of P90X. Again, I should say I'm not going to be in any way strict, just careful about sinful intake and minimise the junk I eat. My top abs are just starting showing through now, and I wonder if I can make them show a lot more by Day 30, so there is my first goal.

Looking forwards to Day30 already and setting myself goals means I also have to step my game up quite a lot. So todays first session, Day1 Round2 was done with a slight twist to the past 90.

From this point in here are my rules. All dog walks before or after workouts MUST be done with the weighted vest with at least 11lbs in it. Where possible inclines will be run not fast pace walked. Weight to be increased as and when possible. ALL workouts which allow the vest to be worn will be done with it. Again with at least 11lbs in it. Push ups will be done with push up bars for full range of motion. Obviously not all styles of push ups allow for them. Intake will be minimal, but suitable for workout of the day. With protein and creatine being used throughout, and recovery drink of 500mls taken with each workout. Last meal of the evening will include fresh veg, and will be had when I get home from work, not late.

Friesdays are banned (maybe one monthly) and Sindays are the only day of the week when a small sin can be had. Fluid intake to remain very high. Weigh ins have no great importance from this point on, just about feeling fitter, trying harder and getting toned. Weigh ins will be for humour more than anything, and the only accurate record will be of workouts from here on in, and NOT weight.

Its sounding pretty different already isn't it? Add to that the increased resistance bands, and new heavier dumbells for really making my back and arms work hard, and it should all have the impact I'm looking for.

The longer this journey goes on, the more epic it gets, and the more people that join me on it just makes it more fun and interesting. Its not a competition in any way, but its great to have others you know to bounce thoughts, ideas and findings off. Its just one big learning curve, and we can all learn from one another, constantly.

Oh before I forget, ABRX, or Ab Ripper X. I have a confession. During round 1 I did it once, or should I say 'tried' it once. This time its a must, and will be done every session that it applies to. Todays effort was a lot better than I remember it being last time. Probably down to less bulk and more core strength thanks to Core Syns and Yoga.

Tomorrow will be of great interest to me. Plyo, with the weighted vest on. Having felt the difference the vest makes to simple long walks, I am expecting some serious digging being needed to complete an hour of Plyo with all the extra weight on me. Or at least I'm hoping so. That feeling of total exhaustion at the end is the goal here, knowing I gave it everything my body has. Collapsing during push ups today, while a little painful on the knees, was rewarding in a weird way. Knowing that it wasn't my mind giving up, but my body.

So there it is, my approach to my second round of P90X. Seeing results this time around is going to be somewhat harder, but I'm hoping with well taken photos, some evidence will be visible at each 30 day checkpoint. Let's see eh.

As ever, if you are doing, planning or starting your P90X journey, best of luck, stick at it, keep pressing play and give it all you got. If you gave it your best, you are an achiever. Compare yourself to no one, commit to yourself. I look forwards to hearing your stories and findings soon.


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