Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Switchin it up

Its all very well being in a well planned program, alternating, varying, switching and changing as the weeks go on, but ultimately as you perfect your form you are going to get used to things a bit. I am now in Week12 of P90X and decided I had lost the edge on that 'morning after ache', so it was time to switch it up my way.

For the first two phases I have been doing the same things the same way, bands for back and pull downs, with free weights for the rest. For push ups I have used the flat open hand to floor approach. So this time around I decided to throw a spanner in the works and cause some muscle confusion. This week I am using resistance bands for 90% of the movements, and my new Nike push up bars for the push ups.

In simple terms OMG! What a difference its made. The workout itself suddenly became a struggle again, in a good way. And the morning after, well enough said. Needless to say I KNOW I have worked out, and exactly what body parts I hit yesterday.

With this in mind I am set on the idea that the next round of P90X (in 2 weeks time) will consist of switching every 2 weeks. Bands to weights and back again. Given there are only 3 weeks per phase, this means it will be even more unbalanced, but even more confusing for my body. Which is exactly what I want.

On another note recovery drink is not all hype, that stuff really works. I'm using Aptonia ISO, and my god it makes a difference for me, especially during an intense workout like Plyometrics. That now forms a solid part of my workout regime for sure. Today for example, with my heart averaging 135-155bpm for the hour, the carbs in the drink kept me on my game. Huge fluid loss during training, but I ended fresh, and felt great for it.

Todays Plyo was rounded off with an hour of walking the dogs. Another little switch up for my body and mind to cope with. And to be honest keeping it fresh is keeping me focused too. As committed as I am to the program, and trust me I AM committed, there are always moments of wavering concentration and focus.

My mind is in the game, my heart is in it, and my health is brilliant right now. I know I'm doing something right when 2 more friends have decided to jump on board and give P90X a go.

So that's me for now, popped it up a gear, heading for Day90 and the final pics FAST, and also round 2. My Day90 pics will become my Day1 pics for round 2, and what I have learned during round 1 will stand me in good ground to do amazing things for the next time around. Diet dialed in, nutrition sorted, routine plotted, and goal in sight.

Let's do this!

Welcome aboard the P90Xpress people :)
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