Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How annoying!

Just when all is going well, you yawn and pull your back. How the hell does that happen?

Anyway, onto more important things. Firstly training. All updates on my P90X can now be found on therealslimsnaz.blogspot.com
Now the recent highlight that needs marking forever. Congratulations to Mrs and Mrs Stokoe. Was great to see Laura so happy on Sunday after so many ups and downs in life :) And of course nice to see such genuine shared happiness and emotion between Laura and Ivan. The weather was amazing, the planning was great, and the day was mighty. One to remember for a long time.

Speaking of the weather, not sure how long this is all going to last but isn't it glorious! I'm sitting in the middle of a park on the way to work as I write this. Getting my 30 mins of sunshine I take a day. Surrounded by crows, and bathed in sunshine. That said, I can't wait to get off to Florida in a months time.

Right I'm gonna get on, I have rays to catch, so have a great day.
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