Saturday, May 12, 2012

The changes that occur

I have just finished Week 12 of P90X now, and am on the final straight now for the end of the first lap. Week13, stretch week is all that remains.
Talking to a friend who is just starting her P90X journey, we have been discussing what changes we have seen so far, and what goals have been realised, or reconsidered.

So what have I noticed?
Well obviously there are the obvious, the physical changes, so let's run through those first. Weight loss affects you in many ways, not just physical appearance. For starters there is how you move and feel moving. Brisk, flowing and comfortable. Rather than stumbling along awkwardly and uncomfortably. Its not something that happens over night, so is not something that you notice unless you look back carefully.

Every day on my commute to and from work I tackle many flights of stairs, and as I think back I realise now how cumbersome I was travelling up and down these, where as now I pounce up and down them like a cat stalking prey. Jumping, springing, and travelling fast and lightly. Where as before I would really know I had just tackled a flight or two.
Just the whole feeling of being able to move, being free and able to do things you want to, agility is a total transformation too.

One of the biggest physical changes for me though it the lack of excess body getting in my way when I am trying to bend, reach or move in general. Slipping through smaller gaps, but still allowing for your former mass is quite hilarious at times. My greatest though it during workouts. Bending down to stretch hamstrings, or doing side stretches and actually not getting rolls of flab winding you as you bend forwards, or stop you bending to the side, and finding yourself going over much further.

The next change I have noticed is comfort in clothing. Now obviously all my clothes are a lot looser than they were, but some replacements in smaller sizes have been bought. Finally realising the word 'fitted' doesn't mean your belly doesn't hang out, nor that it pulls tight like lycra. Seeing how a fitted shirt makes you look in the mirror is quite rewarding. Speaking of mirrors, I think I am getting a little vain to say the least. I do love the opportunity to check myself out when it presents.

The strange one for me, which I think I mentioned before, is my fascination with myself. What do I mean? Well suddenly I have pecs, lats, biceps and triceps, boy have I got triceps! Catching a glimpse of the new definition in the aforementioned mirrors, well that's a match made in heaven for my ego. I love a good cuddle..... With myself! Wowza I have shoulders, yummy lol. I know its weird, but its motivational and rewarding too, so I'm gonna keep doing it.

Confidence also peaks as I start to feel fitter, strutting the streets, rollin with swagga, that's my new flow, ya feel? Seriously though, from brief encounters with people, to general interactions of all sorts, the feeling of being confident that my physique matches my persona is something great. Not hiding in the corner secretly ashamed of being the chubby one anymore feels gooood! (He types listening to LMFAO, Sexy and I know it' lol)

What I'm getting at is, P90X, training, getting fit isn't just about looks at all. Its a whole bunch of things. My life is very different. Full of energy and motivation to keep moving. Drive beyond belief, and goals that just keep moving for the better.

Right, earlier I mentioned the friend I was talking to, she is at the end of Week2 now, and also blogging her progress, so feel free to check out someone elses perspective on the P90X program here...

Next week is far from relaxing with 2 sessions of yoga, and other stretching and cardio routines. But come the weekend I will have officially completed P90X. I am torn right now, do I take a week off, or do I dive back in. I will decide over the coming week. In the meantime I know I need my weighted vest asap. As great as its been to lose weight, I now find myself wanting to carry more to make the workout more intense, so the solution is a weighted training vest. Adding 20lbs to the load I'm carrying walking the dogs and working out should hopefully have a positive impact. Let's see, I will be sure to let y'all know.

Right I'm done. Have a great weekend, and keep doing what you're doing.
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