Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Feeling ill mid flight

It has never happened to me before,  other than a flare up of gout just before departing from Orlando for London. That's just pain,  but this time is discomfort,  temperature and a mildly tight chest.
To be honest it feels like the start of flu,  but given how little I have mixed with people in the past 10 days,  I think it's unlikely,  unless that is what was starting to get Sally down for the past could of days too. Who knows.

Either way I feel really uncomfortable right now,  and am trying to stay cool,  hydrated,  and stretch out where can. Fire exit seat it a booked bonus, but I can't get comfortable without seeming really weird.

My head is a little light,  a bit wobbly,  but I shall see how it goes. Headphones on,  bottle of water at the ready, and aching like crazy.  Writing this as we fly (off line) and hoping I can just relax now and get back to Gatwick without having a spaz out lol.

I'm sure I will be fine,  but I thought I would pass the time that the girl from the middle row is gone to write this before relaxing again.

Adios for now.

OK just over half way through the flight now,  getting really hot and achy now,  so took my chance to pop to the loos.  The second I stood up,  I was instantly drained of all my body head and started shivering uncontrollably. Returning to my seat I wondered if I should put my hoodie back on. However as I sit here now,  the temperature is climbing rapidly again,  and my face is about to catch  fire.

Still not at the point of telling cabin crew as the last thing I want is a 7700 due to over excited cabin crew taking precautions.

Almost every joint is aching now,  however I sit there is guaranteed discomfort,  so guessing the girl next to me,  small as she is, is getting quite fed up of me now. I'm trying to be subtle.
Have popped tabled just on the off chance it might take the edge off.  Just want to get to the cat now and get home.

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