Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oh bollox!

After my short bout of fever on my return to the UK,  my ongoing back pain is back in full effect,  and then some.

Having spent the majority of the past 10 days crouching,  bending,  squatting or just plain laying down. (contrary to what the sheer volume of pictures taken may suggest),  now I am back home and resting,  more issues have come to light.

After some careful research, whilst being quite concerned about testicular pain, new information has come to light. It goes by the name of "associated lower back, buttock, hip and testicle pain", and it's symptoms present perfectly. The downside of this research is that while its existence is clearly documented, treatment or proper diagnosis is not! With lots of  suggestions of various areas of the spine being to blame.

What I can confirm is that sudden onset of pain like you have just been kicked in the nuts is NOT nice. Out of the blue,  like a switch being flicked (or a testicle) boom, there it is.
Any change of gradient being walked on produces huge strain and pain on my lower back and abdomen. Cramping so badly I have to stop walking, or do breathing exercises like I am I  labour!

Today for example I tried to walk the dogs quickly up the road and back,  a normal 10 min walk took double the time. Unable to walk anywhere near my normal speed,  pausing or slowing to ease the pain as it sets in. Stretching out no longer seems to have the desired effect. Usually a crouch or toe touch and hold would ease it for a while,  but not anymore. Tried them all,  nothing.

Sitting / laying on the sofa now writing this,  I am constantly trying to get comfortable, with very little joy. Ball ache and hip pain while doing nothing is quite disconcerting to say the least. Just biding my time til I can take more pain relief,  and hoping the next pill works. It's rather hit and miss right now if they have any effect at all.

Annoyingly one of the best ways to get comfortable is to go to sleep,  so whenever the pills do work,  and I am relaxed enough,  they make me drowsy,  and I take the opportunity to go to bed. I spent a lot of time in bed in Spain,  and that doesn't look to change now I am home,  not any time soon anyway.

Now I have more information on the situation and can actually articulate to medical people what I am feeling, I hope this will help me head down the right path to find some relief from it. Not hedging my bets on it being possible to totally eliminate and cure the situation (but hopeful all the same), I am just looking for ways to manage it, to at least allow be to get back on my bike,  as I know running is a no go for me for a while yet.
Also to know what damage I will do if I participate in any activities is good to know. Much as it was with all the issues with my arm,  hand,  achillies etc.

Right now I am left feeling rather sorry for myself,  and like I have aged 30 years in the past few weeks.

I have chiropractor again next week,  as I missed my appointment yesterday due to my temp still being over 100f, it didn't seem wise to try and drive or endure the treatment. Maybe with  the new information I can present her,  she can use that to help. Who knows.

In the meantime, I am counting down the days to seeing the GP,  and gathering more and more information and advice. See if self help is in any way beneficial. If I can get to the GP any sooner I will,  but I don't feel it warrants a queue jumping emergency appointment right now. Braving it out.  Not sure if that's wise,  but fits with my moral guidelines.

So,  watch this space for updates on my balls! And of course back,  hip and buttocks.

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